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FOR YOU by Kat Llewellyn

Personal stop-motion animation.


WATCH the new video! – Donut Dynamite! BEST DOCUMENTARY WINNER 2017 My Røde Reel https://youtu.be/D9cycaCym5A

Brad Starks : Producer, Camera Operator, Interviewer, BTS.
Austin Alimbuyuguen : DP, Editor, Camera Operator
Madame Dounut makes bespoke brioche donuts on the island of Maui with her husband Frank. Hear what her philosophy is behind making these culinary masterpieces.
Have a project you need shot? For direct bookings contact via email: starks88@gmail.com

Hurley – Designed for Water – How to Hydrofoil by B-Reel

WATCH the new video! – Jane’s Party Part 2 https://youtu.be/ixVdgXxI-5Y

Jane’s Party Part 2 NYC

WATCH the new video! – Dinner Party At Jane’s Apartment NYC https://youtu.be/er6ic-IKIgo

Dinner Party At Jane’s Apartment NYC VTS_01_1

WE ARE ALL MAD HERE (Or: How Nick Fouquet blends into The Mad Hatter) by Bruno Miotto

In this modern and realistic transposition of one of the best-known characters from Lewis Carroll’s novel, Nick Fouquet plays himself: an American hatter. The backdrop changes from Wonderland into Venice Beach – California; the “madness” of its protagonist changes as he tells his own story, that of his ethics, his work, his lifestyle and his inspiration in an interview where his off-screen voice unleashes a maelstrom of thoughts.

Directed by Bruno Miotto
Written by Bruno Miotto and Giorgio Fabbri
Producer Guja Quaranta
Line Producer Meagan Judkins
Sponsor: HOGAN REBEL http://bit.ly/2uUMxkV
Original Score “Have I Gone Mad?” composed by Alberto Bof – MKRS Publishing
Cinematography by Benjamin Kitchens
Production Designer Erika Ann Walters
Editor: Bruno MIotto
Colorist: Chris Hall at Prehistoric Digital – http://bit.ly/2vMwQZC
Stylist: Meagan Judkins
Mua/Hair: Hannah Biddle
Sound: Diego Tovar
AC: Jasper Granderath
Graphic Designer: Letizia Bozzolini

Alice: Sharon Hinnendael
Twins: Odelia Samuels and Ornela Samuels
Kids: Philips Banuelos, Yanshree Hotchandani, Brooke Krufal, Matthew Turner, Jacob Zelonky
White Rabbit: Bao Bao

Special Thanks: Will Adashek

“No animals were harmed in making this film, only humans.”

Check out my latest video I uploaded: Donut Dynamite!

Ready to experience the Cadillac of Donuts? Meet Madame Donut of Maui Hawaii’s Donut Dynamite. This is a small busness with big ideas on why eating flavorful and helthy is a winning ‘One Two Punch’ when it comes to staying happy. Everything they make is from scratch and a normal day for them starts at 1AM.
Vist them at http://bit.ly/2tPChqA
on Vimeo: http://bit.ly/2tgoWdT