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FOR YOU by Kat Llewellyn

Personal stop-motion animation.


Hurley – Designed for Water – How to Hydrofoil by B-Reel

WE ARE ALL MAD HERE (Or: How Nick Fouquet blends into The Mad Hatter) by Bruno Miotto

In this modern and realistic transposition of one of the best-known characters from Lewis Carroll’s novel, Nick Fouquet plays himself: an American hatter. The backdrop changes from Wonderland into Venice Beach – California; the “madness” of its protagonist changes as he tells his own story, that of his ethics, his work, his lifestyle and his inspiration in an interview where his off-screen voice unleashes a maelstrom of thoughts.

Directed by Bruno Miotto
Written by Bruno Miotto and Giorgio Fabbri
Producer Guja Quaranta
Line Producer Meagan Judkins
Sponsor: HOGAN REBEL http://bit.ly/2uUMxkV
Original Score “Have I Gone Mad?” composed by Alberto Bof – MKRS Publishing
Cinematography by Benjamin Kitchens
Production Designer Erika Ann Walters
Editor: Bruno MIotto
Colorist: Chris Hall at Prehistoric Digital – http://bit.ly/2vMwQZC
Stylist: Meagan Judkins
Mua/Hair: Hannah Biddle
Sound: Diego Tovar
AC: Jasper Granderath
Graphic Designer: Letizia Bozzolini

Alice: Sharon Hinnendael
Twins: Odelia Samuels and Ornela Samuels
Kids: Philips Banuelos, Yanshree Hotchandani, Brooke Krufal, Matthew Turner, Jacob Zelonky
White Rabbit: Bao Bao

Special Thanks: Will Adashek

“No animals were harmed in making this film, only humans.”

Leland Film – Trailer 1 by Jason Honeycutt

Awong Entertainment Promo by Ace


Maui Steamer Pots by NV Maui Media

This video is about Untitled Project

Yvan Rodic: Capturing Moments in Paris by Leica Camera

Yvan Rodic, also known as the FaceHunter, finds that photography allows him to share his experiences. In this video, he takes to the streets of Paris with the Leica C to capture moments and people he hasn’t met before.

The Leica C was released on September 9, 2013.