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REFUGE by Even/Odd

Set in 2020, a brewing cyberwar between the US and Iran puts Sonia, a young Iranian refugee, at risk of deportation. Her only escape may come at a greater price than she’s willing to pay.

World Premiere — Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection — SXSW Film Festival

For more on Refuge and the FutureStates series, visit http://www.futurestates.tv

Contact – hello@mkshftcllc.tv

Starring: Nikohl Boosheri & Camyar Chai
Written & Directed by: Mohammad Gorjestani
Produced by: Malcolm Pullinger
Co-Produced by: Daniel Lafrentz & Mohammad Gorjestani
Director of Photography: Mike Gioulakis
Production Designer: Matt Thompson
Edited by: Malcolm Pullinger
Post Production: Berke Creative
Executive Producer from ITVS: Sally Jo Fifer

Fired Up by Dan Fipphen

Fired Up is a short animated film that depicts the origin story of President Obama’s famed “Fired up, ready to go” chant.

On a rainy day in June of 2007, President Obama found himself speaking to a subdued crowd in the tiny town of Greenwood, SC. He was exhausted, soaking wet, and beginning to doubt the whole campaign when a voice called out from the back, “Fired up, ready to go!”. The chant, started by one unassuming woman in a church hat, transformed the audience and went on to become a rallying cry in every corner of America.

With the audio of President Obama’s speech as the soundtrack, the film combines original animation by 14 artists from around the world.

Directed and Produced by Dan Fipphen and Elyse Kelly

Animation directors (in order of appearance): Emily Eckstein & Ege Alper, Alex Silver, Lynn Tomlinson, Jovanna Tosello, The Duke & The Duck, Amy Lee Ketchum, Juan Camilo Gonzalez, Musa Brooker, Miguel Jiron, Sara Spink, Lou Morton, and Daniela Sherer.

© 2017 Dan Fipphen & Elyse Kelly

Kevin Spacey Shingerview by Shingy

Stan Cooks by Richie Kulchar

Chef Stan talks about what life was like growing up on the south side of Chicago, and how he used cooking to escape a negative environment.

Life Is Bear Pond Espresso by Jake Davis

Katsuyuki Tanaka, barista and owner of Bear Pond Espresso in Setagaya, Tokyo gives an inside look on his classic style of espresso.

Director: Jake Davis

Presented By: K-Swiss Japan



Cinnamon Samurai by Andrew Gooi

Presented by BITE (readbite.com) & Food Talkies (foodtalkies.com).

Artist & Bartender, Robert Porter, shares how his life applies to his art & the art of making drinks. In this film, he continues on his series of Koi fish paintings and breaks down the elements in his drink, the Cinnamon Samurai. Robert generously shared his recipe below – so sip away, and enjoy the film!

Cinnamon Samurai
1.5 oz Gin
1 oz Organic Apple, Juiced
0.5 oz Orgeat (with Cinnamon & Cayenne)
1 oz Lemon Juice
0.5 oz Red Bell Pepper, Juiced
2 Dash Angostura Bitters
Dehydrated Apple Chip infused with Oreget (Cinnamon & Cayenne), Almond Syrup

A film by Andrew Gooi.

Produced by Michelle Jacoby & Mark Lipczynski.

fika: to have coffee • The Ritual • Episode 1/6 by Fabian Schmid

«fika: to have coffee» is a web documentary series about fika, a small but essential part of Swedish day-to-day life. The series makes an attempt at portraying the popular ritual in six episodes.

The first episode is an introduction to fika and intends to give a sort of overview, touching different angles of the topic.

All episodes & portraits: http://bit.ly/2d0rtyx

Website: http://www.tohave.coffee
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2dhLcvG
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hashtag/fikadoc
Instagram: http://bit.ly/2d0qzlF

Script: Fabian Schmid
Direction: Fabian Schmid
Cinematography: Fabian Schmid
Voice: Kristen Vermilyea
Editing: Fabian Schmid
With: Karin Evensen Aas, Annika Santunione, Steven Moloney, Linda Öwerström, Daniel Remheden, Robert Sjöberg, Kristian Hedborg, Fatimah Hameed, Mårten Snickare, Lara Golay, Christofer Landström
Special thanks to: Torben Jacobsen, Seraina Mandra, Annika Santunione, Kristian Hedborg, Filip Odeholm, Anne Lunell & Charles Nystrand, Marvin Bonsen, Daniel Remheden, Johan Sundberg/The Swedish Institute
Thanks to: Prof. Dr. Martin Zimper, Nico Lypitkas, Sarah Jensen, Nadia Holdener, Nicolas Büchi, Manuel Gerber, Simon Grab

Participating cafés:
Kaffeverket, Stockholm – http://www.kaffeverket.nu
Kaffeverket @ Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm – http://bit.ly/2dhKzlR
Alkemisten Kaffebar & Kafé, Gothenburg – http://bit.ly/2d0rBOJ
da Matteo Kaffeaktiebolaget, Gothenburg – http://www.damatteo.se
Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters, Helsingborg – http://www.koppi.se
Djäkne Kaffebar & Workspace, Malmö – http://www.djakne.se
Love Coffee Roasters, Lund – http://www.lovecoffee.se

The series was created as part of my final project at Zurich University of the Arts.